There is a movement across the country that is changing how we price our services. Mainly, it is now ILLEGAL to charge clients based on GENDER. This law has been in place in California since 1995 and Illinois has become the latest state to rule against gender based pricing. In an effort to get ahead of the game, I will be moving to a gender neutral pricing menu. 

What does this look like when scheduling online? There will now be 4 choices for haircuts:


Haircut with Blow Dry Style: Formerly known as a "Women's Designer Haircut".

Not just for women, but anyone wanting a full consultation, shampoo, design and blow dry style. This is a 60 minute service. 


Clipper Cut: Formerly known as a "Men's Designer Haircut"

Short hair, usually requring a combination of clippers and shears. Includes a consultation, shampoo and basic product style but NO BLOW DRY STYLE. This is a 30 minute service


Buzz Cut:

Pretty self explanatory. Uses only the use of clippers and recieves a shampoo afterwards. This is a 15 minute service. 


Kid's Haircut: Formerly known as Children's or Junior Haircut

This is for the little humans 12 and under ONLY. Beyond this age, most kiddos are looking for an actual style and will be scheduled as an adult service. This service includes a misting (NO SHAMPOO), haircut and basic style. Also NO BLOW DRY STYLE. This is a 15 minute service. 



Addtional items to be aware of:

* Color services will no longer be bundled. Please select the color service you need AND a haircut option. 

* All haircuts will see a slight price increase, color services will remain the same starting price

*All changes will go into affect by February 1 (if not sooner)

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