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Hey there...I'm Stacy!

Specializing in balayage,dimensional color and haircuts with personality!

I started doing my family’s hair when I was around 12 and continued through high school by making wild choices for my own hair as well as my friends. I always enjoyed the creativity and self-expression that it offered. I still love that element of my career. Being a hairstylist has allowed me to create real connections with people and have a direct effect on how they see themselves….. What I like to call “Hairapy”

I believe that what is said is only a portion of what is being communicated. I do my best to tune in to who my client is, what fuels them. I can often see them in a way that they can’t. I use this to create a unique look that is perfect for them. I just love when I hear “Go for it…. I trust you!” I am a self-professed hair nerd and I’m always looking at new techniques and following artists who inspire me.

I am a Colorado native and feel that life should be lived outdoors! I love cycling, hiking, camping… even just relaxing around the fire pit at home. I am married and have 4 children. 2 sons who are now 28 and 26 and my amazing wife and I are raising 8 year old twins… 


I understand the struggle of maintaining balance! I have been self-employed for 18 years and owned a full service salon for 8 years before moving into a beautiful private studio. I truly believe in empowering and celebrating others. I try not to take myself too seriously. But I am 100% committed to my craft.


We are all busy people and I strive to create an experience that allows you to relax. My aim is true connection. I’ll take as long as needed to understand your vision. I educate my clients on proper product use and styling techniques. If you can’t re-create your look at home, I’ve failed you. Call me and let’s setup an appointment to make sure you can achieve the look you want. You have my full attention during your appointment. No hustle bustle of the big box salon. Enjoy a snack, a sparkling water, sit back and relax…. Let’s get started!


I offer online scheduling that is open to you 24/7. Feel free to schedule a consultation!


I look forward to meeting you!



Stacy Lewallen
On Site Bridal Work
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